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    " Our moral responsibility is not to stop the future, but to shape it... to channel our destiny in humane directions and to try to ease the trauma of transition. "

    Alvin Toffler

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    "Our only security is our ability to change. "

    John Lilly

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    " Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches, letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights. "

    Pauline R. Kezer

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    Making Change Positive
    Plan It - Own It - Live It!

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    " Success will never be a big step in the future, success is a small step taken just now. "

    Jonatan MÃ¥rtensson

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    " A nod, a bow, and a tip
    of the lid to the person who
    coulda and shoulda and
    did. "

    Robert Brault

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    " If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves. "

    Thomas Edison



  • Redundancy, employability & careers
  • Retirement
  • Personal & professional development
  • Life Change
  • Outsourcing and redundancy
  • Retirement
  • Talent management
  • Bespoke training


Such a brilliant programme which takes the recipient on a journey of personal discovery. It was sincere but not patronising, fun but not frivolous and led to a sense of purpose.

Elizabeth, Bradford

I was able to look at developing a five year plan in a supportive and well structured environment. I feel motivated and have a clearer focus on the steps I need to take to move towards achieving my goals and aspirations. The fact that a holistic approach to change was explored, has meant that I am looking at the transition as integral to all other aspects of my life- and therefore seeking to achieve balance.     

Kim, Nottingham

The course brought to the fore things that I had wanted to explore in the past and brought new enthusiasm to these projects.

Valerie, Leeds

The course and personal coaching allowed me to re-evaluate and assess where I was and where I wanted to be.  The exercises were widely applicable and many people facing changes in their lives embarking on new challenges would benefit.

Stella, York

Was a brilliant opportunity for us to understand where our organisation was headed and also what strengths and talents we have in our team and how they all fitted together to make us more strategically successful as a company.

David, London

Gave me new ideas about how to manage my personal career in our large and growing organisation which has up to now been quite daunting.

Samantha, London

The course was an excellent opportunity for me to think personally about what I want to achieve in the next 3 to 5 years. I haven’t taken stock for years!

Susan, Oxford

Realised how stunted my career development has been and saw avenues to develop

Simon, Leeds

Helpful aspects of the course were:

•    The structured activity and opportunity to reflect & focus on my 5 year plan. 
•    Meeting, learning from and feeling inspired by a variety of other people
•    The excellent workbook / resource folders
•    Mix of learning styles and activities,
•    Competent and enabling facilitators- no slow death by PowerPoint!
•    Good balance of interactive group and personal working time

Richard, Newcastle

I enjoy my day job tremendously but have always had the nagging desire to be an author. Personal coaching has helped me gain the confidence and motivation to enter the publishing world as a freelance journalist which I can do quite comfortably alongside my day job. With the support of my coach I have also developed further plans for writing a book.

Suzanne, York

My world fell apart when I was made redundant after 15 years in the media and marketing industry. My coach helped me work through the initial disappointment/loss, fears and anxieties. My knee-jerk reaction was to immediately look for work as a marketing executive but knew that the industry was making cuts all over the region resulting in quite a hopeless situation. My personal coaching sessions helped me to step-back, understand my strengths and weaknesses and inspired me to develop my own marketing business which has now been thriving for over 4 years and growing.

Liz, Wetherby

The workshop has helped me to see some of the broader options available to me. I also got lots of thought and ideas from other graduates who have experienced what I am going through. 

Liam, 6th Form student

I had an opportunity to share my own ideas of self-development and learn from other graduates’ experiences and how I can apply them to what I need to achieve. 

Diana, Graduate, University of York

I had an opportunity to share my own ideas of self-development and learn from other graduates’ experiences and how I can apply them to what I need to achieve. 

Sarah, Graduate, University of York

Creating a structured  action plan at the end helped me to consolidate the dozens of thoughts flying around  my head. 

Izzy, University of York

I have come away with a clearer focus of what I need to do to achieve my career goals.

Sarah, Graduate, University of York

The course file and notes is very useful as I can now go away and develop my thoughts further.

Katie, Graduate, University of York

The feedback and group sessions where we gave each other support and advice was very helpful.

Peter, Graduate, University of York

I have definitely benefited from the student and career management course which gave me a chance to examine my goals and make a commitment to achieve my goals. I would definitely recommend this course to others. 

Ian, MoD Reserve Army, Yorkshire Regiment

It was really helpful to discuss skills and habits by rating my success at present and understanding what I already do well and where I need to improve. 

Janice, University of York

I have re-evaluated my goals and have been given new ideas on how to achieve them. 

Peter, Graduate, University of York

The course was good and imaginative and the techniques used included nice variation.

Izzy, Graduate, University of York

The course gave me a clear picture of the future that I want to achieve and also the knowledge and tools to get by and progress in my chosen career.

Carol, University of York

Developing a 5 year plan was very good. It highlighted the importance of organising your thoughts for progression in life.

Izzy, Graduate, University of York

I really enjoyed today’s course. It certainly gave me something to think about.

Carol, Graduate, University of York

Excellent coaching seminar! I recommend it to everyone who wants to take lead over own career, discover strengths (mental, professional, as well as physical), areas of further development, be inspired and "identify your uniqueness."

Diana, Post Graduate Student, University of York

The session was beneficial because not often do we get to think about ourselves from this point of view.

Fiona, Biology Dept, York University

All of today I found really helpful and I learned lots toimplement in my work

Dave, Hull

The course gave me new ideas and great confidence in my work.

Chelsea, Hull

The course encouraged me to use tools for a structure approach to my work.

Steve, Hull

Everything was excellent - this course was a clear 10/10.

Gemma, Hull

All parts of the course increased my knowledge and the templates and hand-outs were really useful.

Matt, Hull

The tools I learned on the course where very useful and I intend to implement them in future work.

David, Hull

Today was excellent and I learned a lot. It was great for me.

Sarah, Hull

The session helped me to figure out what I want from life, it gave me a better understanding of job requirements and what I need to do to improve my standing in the job market.

Holly, Biology Dept, York University

The session and the activities that we completed helped me to figure out what I want from a career.

Adam, Biology Dept, York University

The session helped me to see what was important to me and how I could apply it in finding a career.

Rachel, Biology Dept, York University

The session helped me to understand the state of the job market and my own strengths and weaknesses.

Johnny, Biology Dept, York University

The session was very thought-provoking and useful.

Molly, Biology Dept, York University

Today was really interesting: thinking about my 'purpose in life' was helpful and in general thesession was great fun.

Kim, Biology Dept, York University

A really interesting and informative session

Paul, West Yorkshire

The information about planning and writing has given me confidence to complete tasks

Chris, Glasgow

It was really useful to listen to other people’s comments and experiences

Jessica, Hull

An excellent one day event

Susan, Hull

I can put into practice everything that I learned

Mandy, Hull

The course forced me to develop and implement a formal process which was brilliant

Marie, Lincolnshire

The course gave me confidence.

James, Hull

The course was interesting and informative

Gillian, Hull

The course gave me the opportunity to talk to others in the same position as myself

Duncan, Hull

The course was very informative and I will implement the tools that I learned

Sarah, Glasgow

 I found listening to the views of the other candidates to be very useful

Jennifer, Lincolnshire

The insight from Beverley was excellent and very useful to our needs

Richard, Lincolnshire

Everything on the course was relevant and it was presented to a very high standard

Alex, West Yorkshire

About us

Our company offers consultancy, coaching and bespoke training across a range of key areas including:

•Redundancy, employability and careers
•Personal and professional development
•Life Change
•Talent management
Working across the public, private and voluntary sectors, the director, Beverley Varley and the associates of Life Transitions have a proven domestic and international track record of working with individuals and organisations that are undergoing change or transition.
    Download Company Brochure. 

The Team

Our services and programmes are delivered by a team of qualified and skilled professionals who are registered with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). Complementary disciplines such as psychology, psychometrics, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), didactic learning, conflict resolution, leadership management and organisational growth through Lean Six Sigma add to the depth and diversity of our service matching a wide variety of learning styles and needs.

Our team’s skill and expertise gained in the private, public and voluntary sectors combined with coaching and mentoring backgrounds uniquely enables us to deliver excellence in supporting the needs and priorities of our clients. 


  • Beverley Varley

    Beverley Varley

  • Beverley Varley

    "It is such a privilege to be given the opportunity to play the smallest role in helping and supporting people to make change and achieve success in their lives. I am grateful that people are willing to share their aspirations with me!"&

    Fundamental to Bev's 25 year career is her keen interest in helping people and organisations to change, grow and develop. She has developed her professional skills in managing change and transitions through her studies in psychology, social work and conflict management.

    Her national and international experience to improve performance and quality of life is wide-ranging in both the private and public sectors. Through her leadership roles, managing high functioning teams and individuals, she has focussed on helping to improve personal effectiveness and performance. Further education in Coaching and Mentoring (Level 5); Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP); Prince 2 Project Management and Lean Six Sigma business improvement at Black Belt level, augment her insight and professional delivery.

  • Alma Ryder

    Alma Ryder

  • Alma Ryder

    Alma is currently operating as a consultant coach, mentor and training facilitator within blue chip corporate settings and for private individuals. She is an experienced skills, performance and leadership development coach registered with the ILM and possesses particular expertise and in-depth knowledge of performance coaching, career development and outplacement coaching.

    Having designed and delivered corporate coaching programmes and working with numerous individuals on one-on-one coaching initiatives, she has designed and delivered a variety of training courses including: powerful presentations, competency based interviewing, new manager skills, effective body language, coaching for new managers, and introduction to coaching courses.

    Alma is currently working on the translation of a number of coaching related training courses for an international car manufacturer's personnel team in Spain and has facilitated coaching courses for their managers in line with their new Learning and Development strategy over the next 3-5 years. The work involves liaison with the Spanish Coaching Association, the Association for Coaching and the International Coaching Federation. She is also involved with a Ftse 100 Specialist Recruitment Company : Provision of one-on-one coaching to new / recently appointed office and area managers.

    The coaching is business focused and typically concentrates on issues such as leadership, self-esteem, managing with confidence, dealing with conflict in the team and creating a cohesive and efficient department / area. Alma has been retained to work as a coaching consultant following 14 successful years as a fee earning recruitment consultant and Associate Director. The coaching work is part of a national development strategy for high performers within the Group. She has had responsibility for developing the coaching model, associated design and delivery of the sessions; and the fair and confidential reporting to the company sponsors.

  • Liz Bunce

    Liz Bunce

  • Liz Bunce


     I am a mother of four children, each of whom has been very successful through their education. One a musician and scientist, one a physiotherapist, another Medic and the forth still in full time education at school. I have gained vast experience in both bringing them up and balancing work as a teacher, a confidant and motivator to both my family and friends as well as a major support to my husband. 

    I am a good judge of character and am known for my wisdom and ability to have insight into other people’s lives. I work with various groups of young women and mothers in the church. I have also led a leadership development programme to South Africa with sixth form students. I am passionate about building people and giving them the opportunity to realise their potential. Some of my most rewarding hours have been spent with teenagers who have been labelled as failures by themselves and others. 
    I am comfortable working with large groups or individuals and have initiated and managed several projects; prior to having children I headed a pre- prep school doubling the pupil and staff numbers in two years, I also initiated the reading and remedial reading programme for Trinity Academy. 

  • Martin Baines

    Martin Baines

  • Martin Baines

    Martin is an influential and highly effective strategic thinker with considerable experience of working in the public, private and voluntary sectors. A former senior police officer Martin now has a wide range of business interests both in the UK and internationally.

    Awarded an honorary doctorate by Bradford University in 2005, he has considerable experience of overseas organisational development, security sector reform, conflict management and institutional change.

    He combines extremely effective inter personal skills together with his ability as a first class communicator in order help individuals and organisations maximise their performance and potential. With a master’s degree in International Politics and Security and an Institute of Leadership and Management (Level 5) qualification in coaching and mentoring, Martin continues to combine academic theory with sound operational experience and practice.

  • Helen Cyrhus-Whittle

    Helen Cyrhus-Whittle

  • Helen Cyrhus-Whittle

    Personal Life Coach/ NLP Practitioner / Motivational Speaker / Trainer


    I have been a qualified Life Coach as well as an NLP practitioner for 8 years. I was a qualified RN Nurse, and have worked at both the City and QMC hospitals in Nottingham. After which I went into Public Health, and then teaching in FE for a few years.

    I Coach individuals on a one to one basis, run courses for mixed groups within the region, and abroad as well as seminars, staff development, and tailor made courses for organisations. I also have a speciality interest in working within mental health. I was the local BBC resident Life Coach on Sun afternoons, for a year in 2007/8.

    The aim of my work is to help motivate individuals to believe in themselves, to discover their gift/ passion in life, and to do what they do well. By helping to build on their self worth and by understanding what makes them who they are! I am passionate about what I do and enjoy coaching immensely.

  • Caroline Forman

    Caroline Forman

  • Caroline Forman

    Caroline Forman is an experienced personal and career coach with over 18 years of practical experience of working in HR and Resourcing in many FTSE 100 companies as well as start- ups and the public sector. Caroline has worked with businesses in the Retail, Financial Services and Public Sector as well as Management Consultancy and Information Technology firms

    Caroline holds a BSc Psychology and an Institute of Leadership and Management Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring (Level 5). Caroline is also an Associate member of the CIPD.
    Throughout her career Caroline has worked closely with a huge variety of individuals to develop their career & help them realise their true potential in their chosen profession.
    Recent clients that Caroline has worked with have either found themselves needing to re-assess their strengths following an unexpected redundancy, or those who have reached a point in their career where they would like to try something new, or achieve a better work-life balance. Using a blend of practical tools, one-to-one coaching and NLP techniques, Caroline is successfully helping her clients to find new opportunities, recognise their transferable skills or overcome self- limiting beliefs to achieve the career they really want.
    In particular Caroline is keen to support those who are at the very start of their career such as graduates or apprentices by enabling them to maximise every opportunity that comes their way. 

  • Angela Goldberg

    Angela Goldberg

  • Angela Goldberg

    Originally a careers adviser, Angela has worked across a range of career management fields in the public and private sectors over the last 25 years. These include leadership and management development, career change & transition, coaching and mentoring, performance improvement and psychometric assessment.

    A five year stint in a city-based recruitment consultancy built Angela’s knowledge of the labour market and her understanding of contemporary selection processes, including assessment centres. As a life coach, Angela subscribes to a strengths-based model of development, focusing on the optimisation of her clients’ natural strengths and how these can be used to address key challenges – whatever they plan to do in the future. Recent outplacement projects include – • City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council • Gateway Housing Association • National Health Service • Audit Commission • Veolia Environmental Services • York City Council.

    Angela holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Careers Guidance, and an MSc in Strategic Training and Development (Distinction). Her research into coaching and career equality won the CIPD Management Report prize and was subsequently published. She is a qualified ILM coach, mentor and trainer, and she is qualified to levels A and B by the British Psychological Society.

    An accredited assessor by SHL business psychologists, Angela is also licensed to use a variety of psychometric tools including MBTI, Hogan, Strengthscope, NEO, FIRO B, Leadership Judgement Indicator, WAVE and OPQ.